Three-axis servo manipulator-BRTNN15WSS4P

BRTNN15WSS3P/BRTNG15WSS3P series are suitable for various plastic
Plastic Injection Molding Machine, arm type double section, single arm, three-axis AC servo drive, pick-up time
Fast, more time-saving than similar models, accurate positioning, fast speed, long life, low failure rate,
Product features
Installing manipulators can increase production capacity (10-30%), reduce the defective rate of products, and protect operators
Improve the safety of employees, reduce labor, precisely control production volume, reduce waste, and ensure delivery.
Three-axis drive and control integrated control system: less signal lines, long-distance communication, good expansion performance, anti-interference
Strong interference ability, high repeat positioning accuracy, multi-axis can be controlled at the same time, equipment maintenance is simple, so


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