Food & Beverage​

Robot Arms in the Food and Beverage Industry

Robot arms are deployed in various ways in food and beverage processing. Here are some of them:

●  Pick and place fruits and vegetables in their packaging

●  Cut and slice meat and seafood 

●  Aid in decorating cakes

●  Fill containers with liquid products, such as water, sodas, and other beverage

●  Sealing and capping of food and beverage containers

●  Clean and maintain a safe and sterile working environment

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Food & Beverage

BORUNTE  Robot makes robotic arms that are specially designed for the food and beverage industry. They can be used in the production, packaging, and distribution of products and can work at better speed and quality. With robot arms, food and beverage companies can meet consumer demands without compromising the quality.

Highly Versatile

Robot arms are highly versatile and can be used in different stages of the manufacturing process. They are easy to reprogram and can work on repetitive, dangerous, and dirty tasks. With robot arms, human workers can work on other tasks, increasing productivity and efficiency.

Ensures Sterility

The food and beverage industry requires everything to be absolutely sterile. Robot arms are designed to prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris. They also work with high precision ensuring that everything they handle is spotless.

Non-stop Productivity

Even when working continuously, robotic arms can never get tired. They can go on and on while maintaining their speed, accuracy, and efficiency. Production output is then improved while keeping wastes at bay.

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