Applications of Robot Arms in the Agricultural Industry

Robot arms are used by farmers for tasks that are demanding and repetitive so they can focus more on other important work. These include picking and harvesting crops, weed control, sorting and packing, autonomous thinning, spraying, pruning, mowing, and more.

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BORUNTE robots for the agricultural industry use advanced tools and accessories to speed up agricultural tasks while maintaining precision. They work well with any process in the manufacturing process, including production, processing, packaging, and distribution.

Non-stop Productivity

Industrial robot arms work non-stop and can never get tired, eliminating the concerns of compromising product quality. They can handle different production processes, from simple tasks to more complicated ones.

Ensured Safety

Most manufacturing processes are quite dangerous. Robot arms keep workers away from hazardous environments, such as lifting heavy objects and twisting parts of machines. They also keep workers away from cold and hot environments, which can pose risks to their health.


Industrial robots are flexible and can be reprogrammed easily to fit the task they will be used with. Since they are multi-functional, factories can save from expenses in investing in other production resources. These robots are consistent as well, improving the quality of products and reducing waste.

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