Paper & Printing​

Robotic Arms for Paper and Printing Industries

Industrial robotics is mainly used in dispensing & sealing, palletizing, part transfer, and picking & packaging applications in paper and printing industries. Our robot arms can be used in any stage of the manufacturing process, particularly in material handling. We will help you find the right robot arms that will suit your paper and printing manufacturing needs. Contact us today!

Paper & Printing

BORUNTE Robot manufactures industrial robot arms that work well in the paper and printing industry. In paper manufacturing, the demand mainly cames from packaging paper and premium paper. As consumers now prefer premium products, manufacturers now prioritize high-quality packaging to make their products stand out. With robotic solutions, there will be better material handling, higher quality of products and packaging, and employee engagement in other cognitive tasks.

Faster Productivity

Using robotics in the manufacturing process can greatly increase productivity. Robot arms can work all day and will never get tired. They are consistent with their speed and precision, ensuring all products maintain their quality even when produced at a faster rate.

Better Return of Investment (ROI)

Due to the robot arms’ accuracy, products are made with better quality. There are fewer mistakes and material defects, increasing the ROI of manufacturing companies.

Safer Environment for Workers

The production floor of a manufacturing factory can be dangerous for human workers. Robot arms can take over dangerous tasks, providing a safer environment for them.

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