Robot Arms Applications in Plastic Manufacturing

Robot arms are effectively used in various processes in plastic manufacturing. These include part extraction/insertion, cutting, degating, and trimming. They are also used in clip insertions, inserts loading, gate cutting, and checking quality control. Furthermore, they are used in more complex jobs, such as part making, assembly, inspecting, palletizing, and packing.

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More and more plastic manufacturing companies are taking advantage of robotics in their factories. This is because of the many benefits they provide, from creating products with better quality to receiving more profit. BORUNTE Robotic offers industrial robot arms that can be used in all stages of plastic production. They are highly reliable and flexible, making them ideal for the many processes involved in plastic manufacturing

Space-saving and Convenient

Industrial robot arms are designed to fit small- and mid-sized factories. They are also lightweight and easy to reprogram to fit various stages of the manufacturing process.

Increased Production Rates

Using industrial automation systems will increase production rates of manufacturing companies. Robot arms work without taking breaks and they are more accurate, reducing extra work needed for any production stage.

Consistent Precision and Speed

Even when working on repetitive tasks, robot arms never get tired and they maintain their optimum performance. They also maintain their speed; increasing production rates, and ensuring that all demands of clients are met.

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