Five-axis manipulator-BRTV09WDS5P0

BRTV09WDS5P0/BRTV13WDS5P0 series are suitable for finished products and nozzles of various types of horizontal injection machines from 120T to 700T
The take-out and installation method is different from the traditional horizontal walking type. The finished product and material head are taken out and placed at the end of the injection machine, which can save
Out-of-machine installation space. The arm form is double-section type, divided into single arm and double arm, up and down stroke 900mm/1300mm, five-axis AC servo
Service driver, the installation can save 30-40% of the installation space of the injection machine, make full use of the factory building, and increase the production capacity (20-30%),
Reduce the defect rate of products, ensure the safety of operators, reduce labor, accurately control production volume, and reduce waste.
Five-axis drive and control integrated control system: less signal lines, long-distance communication, good expansion performance, strong anti-interference ability, repeat positioning accuracy
High, multi-axis can be controlled at the same time, equipment maintenance is simple, and the failure rate is low.


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