Five-axis manipulator-BRTN17WSS5PC

BRTN17WSS5PC series is suitable for various types of plastic injection molding of 600T-1300T
Machine, five-axis AC servo drive, standard AC servo drive shaft, A-axis rotation angle 360°, C-axis rotation
Product features
The angle of rotation is 180°, and the angle of the fixture can be adjusted freely, with long service life, high precision, low failure rate, and maintenance
Simple maintenance, mainly used for quick extraction or complex angle extraction applications, especially long shapes
Products such as automotive products, washing machines and home appliances.
Five-axis drive and control integrated control system: fewer signal lines, long-distance communication, good expansion performance, anti-interference
Strong interference ability, high repeat positioning accuracy, multi-axis can be controlled at the same time, equipment maintenance is simple, so
The failure rate is less.


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