Six axis robot-BRTIRUS1510A

BRTIRUS1510A is a six-axis robot developed by Bronte for complex applications with multiple degrees of freedom. Its maximum load can reach 10kg and its arm span is 1500mm. The lightweight arm design is adopted, and the mechanical structure is compact and simple. Under high-speed motion, it can perform flexible operations in a narrow working space to meet the needs of flexible production. With the flexibility of six degrees of freedom, you can do whatever you want for loading and unloading, injection molding, die-casting, assembly, gluing, grinding, testing and other scenarios. Simple operation – adopt Huacheng control system. Suitable for injection molding machines: 200T-600T. High protection level: wrist IP54, body IP50 dustproof and waterproof High precision: repeat positioning accuracy ±0.05mm.


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