Six axis robot-BRTIRXZ0805A

BRTIRXZ0805A is a six-axis collaborative robot with drag teaching function independently developed by Bronte. Its maximum load is 5KG and its maximum arm span can reach 870mm. It has functions such as collision detection and trajectory reproduction. At the same time, it has the characteristics of safety and efficiency, smart and easy to use, flexible and light, economical and reliable, and low power consumption, which greatly meets the needs of customers for human-machine collaboration. Its high sensitivity and fast response can be applied to high-intensity flexible production lines to meet the needs of product packaging, injection molding, loading and unloading, assembly and other operations, especially for the application requirements of human-machine collaborative operation, it is outstanding. High protection level: IP54, dustproof and waterproof. High precision: Repeat positioning accuracy ±0.1mm


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